“Barbara Kellyn is quickly becoming one of my favorite romance authors. I love the witty banter she writes between her characters that makes you quickly fall in love with them.”


Forever Endeavor:

“A story about a romance author who no longer believes in happily-ever-after? How could I resist? Full of banter and pop culture references, under all the rom-com hijinks is a sweet story of second chances at love in the most unexpected places.”

Morning Man:

“Why is this not a movie yet? Morning Man is one of the best romantic comedy books I have ever read. This book is worthy of a film adaptation it’s that good. Did I mention that the characters are sexy and together, they are on fire?”

Déjà You: 

“Brilliant characters with lustful chemistry that sparks off the page. Witty dialogue and an amazing supporting cast.”

The Company She Keeps:

“The Company She Keeps reeled me in from the beginning. Jed had my heart from his first appearance. There is nothing I like more than a charming smile and a sense of sarcastic humor add in the fact that the man is smart and successful as well as utterly realistic and I’m a goner.”