Sparks Fly

I recently posted the following author review of MORNING MAN on Goodreads:

I wrote it, so sure, you could say that makes me ever-so-slightly biased, but I REALLY LOVE THIS STORY! In fact, I love it so much I thought it was worthy of a re-edit and sizzling new cover art.

I highly recommend MORNING MAN if, like me, you love funny, sexy reads, and characters with so much electricity it sparks off the page.

Tack and Dayna have undeniable chemistry right off the bat. Their playful sparring on air and off makes it obvious that they’re barely concealing just how hot they are for each other. Much to Tack’s dismay, Dayna has vowed to never date another radio jock again (hasn’t the poor girl ever been warned about nib-dipping in the office ink?) – and much to Dayna’s chagrin, Tack is wearing her down with his broad shoulders, smooth voice and irresistibly great butt. Put these two together in a tiny little studio and it’s no wonder the heat makes their ratings… ahem, rise.

Sensing that the morning show co-hosts are on the verge of giving in to their carnal desires, station manager Bonnie steps in with a major c-block: Don’t smash until after Labor Day to keep the “will they or won’t they” tension high all summer long and win the ratings race.

You’ll just have to tune in, er… read MORNING MAN to find out if Tack and Dayna can hold out!

What I can tell you is that you’ll definitely fall in love with this pair as much as I did and that you’ll do a lot of laughing along the way. But don’t take my word for it.

“Honestly, one of the best books I’ve read in several years,” wrote one early reviewer. “MORNING MAN is so very funny and sexy, and well-written, reading it was like watching a wonderfully written movie script play out before my eyes. I loved the heck out of it.”

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