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Morning Man

On-air chemistry brought them together, but sexual chemistry keeps them apart.

“People tune in to hear you tease and tantalize each other. But you two hit the sheets, and bam! It’s over.”


After draining her savings, moving 300 miles and then being dumped on arrival by her boyfriend, Dayna Cook vows to stop falling for the radio jocks she works with. But when her new boss reassigns her to co-host Hot Country 103’s morning show with irresistible Tack Collins, Dayna’s hormones start backpedaling.

Wake Up with Tack and Dayna kicks into high gear and so does the duo’s mutual lust. The boss warns that sleeping together will kill the sexual tension that drives listeners to tune in to their show – then clamps down with a chastity belt of an offer: stay out of bed until the ratings period ends in exchange for a big, fat bonus. For Dayna, it means a sure-fire way to get back on her feet– and back at her ex. For Tack, it means the longest, most frustrating summer of his life.

Sizzling attraction deviates in unexpected directions fraught with jealous radio groupies, a remorseful ex-boyfriend and a resentful partner as Tack and Dayna discover that genuine feelings create more static than casual sex ever could.     

“I absolutely loved this book. When Tack and Dayna present the breakfast show together, the listeners can hear the sexual tension over the airwaves, but when the station boss imposes a sex ban, it’s going to be hard and they don’t know if they can keep it up… this is a book you’ve love if you like your romance real, full of sharp banter between the two main characters and with a dash of drama and humour along the way. It’d make a great film!”

Jess, Goodreads Review

Available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon US, Amazon Canada and Amazon UK

Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

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