Déjà You

Getting a second chance would be a tryst of fate

“If I remembered everything about you after a fleeting moment seven years ago, by now you’re surely embedded in my psyche for a lifetime or two.”


Seven years ago, college student Hill Taylor attended a journalism conference and ended up having an intensely hot hookup in a coatroom with a too-sexy stranger.

Hill is now a successful publicist for rock’s notorious bad boy Tommy Kaine, who’s about to dish the outrageous dirt in a tell-all written by tabloid reporter James Spencer Sutton (aka The Hollywood Hatchet) – Hill’s coatroom hit and run. Problem is, Tommy’s got a secret that Hill has been sworn to protect and more importantly, keep the still-too-sexy Sutton from uncovering.  

Picking up where they left off seven years earlier, Hill and Sutton get swept up in a lusty fling. But with stakes much higher this time, not to mention a misguided marriage proposal, a disgruntled movie star on the war path and a very pregnant sister with no filter – will it finally be love or loose lips that sink this situationship?    

Available now in paperback and e-book from Amazon US and Amazon Canada

Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

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