Déjà You

Getting a second chance would be a tryst of fate.

“If I remembered everything about you after a fleeting moment seven years ago, by now you’re surely embedded in my psyche for a lifetime or two.”


Seven years ago, college student Hill Taylor attended a journalism conference and ended up having an intensely hot hookup in a coatroom with a too-sexy stranger.

Hill is now a successful publicist for rock’s notorious bad boy Tommy Kaine, who’s about to dish the outrageous dirt in a tell-all written by tabloid reporter James Spencer Sutton (aka The Hollywood Hatchet) – Hill’s coatroom hit and run. Problem is, Tommy’s got a secret that Hill has been sworn to protect and more importantly, keep the still-too-sexy Sutton from uncovering.  

Picking up where they left off seven years earlier, Hill and Sutton get swept up in a lusty fling. But with stakes much higher this time, not to mention a misguided marriage proposal, a disgruntled movie star on the war path and a very pregnant sister with no filter – will it finally be love or loose lips that sink this situationship?  

“Deja You is a spicy, fun second chance romance that goes beyond the norm. Funny, relatable characters, interesting back stories and a great subplot that makes this a solid, entertaining read. Kellyn steers clear of the usual stereotypes here, in both characters and plot, bringing a fresh take to second chance romance.

The chemistry between Hill and Sutton sizzles, while the arrival of Hill’s very pregnant and hilarious sister brings so much fun to the story. Add in Hill’s client, rocker Tommy Kaine, his appetite for women and mischief, the alleged secret that could derail his career and Sutton’s ability to sniff out what Hill is desperate to hide, and you’ll find yourself tumbling deep into this book, unable to put it down.”

Julie, Goodreads Review


Available in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon US, Amazon Canada and Amazon UK

Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

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