Forever Endeavor

Woman plans. Fate laughs.

“Janus Lake was an unplanned detour and you… you were a wonderfully unexpected surprise.”


Inspiration walked out on bestselling romance author Billie Mustard the day her husband blindsided her with divorce papers, leaving her clouded by writer’s block and soured on happily ever after.

Time-pressed to deliver a new manuscript about everlasting love, Billie embarks on an exotic vacation to find her muse, only to be forced to detour to dinky Janus Lake, a speck on the map known for its fishing and a bizarre statue of a Roman god in the middle of town. It’s bad enough that she’s missed her flight and stranded with a useless suitcase of beachwear, but now she can’t escape the small-town suckitude of Sonny Hayes, the surly grease monkey in a distractingly tight t-shirt who towed her car and seems to get off on pushing her buttons.  

While counting the hours until she can leave, Billie’s imagination is revived by a 40-year-old tale of star-crossed lovers. She sets out to engineer the perfect happy ending that the story is missing, her unwritten book is lacking, and her marriage never got. What could possibly go wrong?    

Available in ebook for Kindle and paperback at Amazon Canada and Amazon USA.

Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

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