Saint Dick

Thief. Con. Liar. The perfect fake fiancé to bring home for Christmas.

Just when I thought my Christmas couldn’t get much worse, now it might literally kill me.


Digby Reynolds stole my first kiss.

Then he stole my heart.

Since then, he’s stolen my car, my identity,

and now, my Christmas.

But let’s get back to that kiss, shall we?

Effing up the last job he swore he’d pull for a merciless crime boss wasn’t in Digby’s plans. Neither was reuniting with his best friend’s lippy little sister in the middle of the bungled jewel heist. But there’s no time to reminisce. Unwilling to leave Kyla at the hands of his trigger-happy accomplices, Digby risks everything to flee with her in a hail of bullets and bickering.

So, now what? Despite being burned in the past by Digby’s skeevy, self-destructive behavior, Kyla hatches a mutually-beneficial scheme to lay low at her parents’ home over Christmas by faking their engagement. The pair still must dodge a minefield of holiday hazards including fooling her family of naturally suspicious cops, eluding the goons gunning for them, and most perilous of all, revisiting their complicated romantic history while sharing a twin-sized bed.

If your favorite tropes are brother’s best friend, enemies to lovers, fake relationship, and second chance romance, you’ll fall for Saint Dick – a funny, steamy holiday crime caper featuring a morally questionable anti-hero with a softer side, and the wily woman who hates to love him.

Available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon US, Amazon Canada and Amazon UK.

Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

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