The Company She Keeps

Talk about taking your work home with you…

“We can find a way to do this. And as far as Marty goes, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”


For better or worse, Harper Bukoski is married to her dream job at a small marketing agency. Thanks to the mismanagement of its morally-lax owners, it’s on the brink of disaster. Despite the dysfunction around her – including a nagging suspicion that the clueless new account rep is her boss’s mistress – Harper clings to the hope that her loyalty and diligence will keep the office on an even keel.

But the tightly-wound workaholic goes into a tailspin upon meeting Jed Sanderson, whose account is keeping the agency afloat. Harper is troubled by her undeniable attraction to a man with three potential dealbreakers stacked against him: he’s a client; he’s a recently-divorced father of three, and (the doozy!) he’s buddies with her disapproving boss.

If Harper listens to her head, she might miss out on something extraordinary with Jed. But if she follows her heart, she risks imploding her career and bringing down the entire agency along with it.

“The characters were highly relatable types (they reminded me of an office I worked in during the 1990s), including: Harper, the talented workaholic ever keen to impress her boss; Marty, the womanizing, self-centred boss; and Sharlene, the new hire trying to sleep her way up the corporate ladder. Jed is perhaps the most complex of the characters, and it is his interaction with Harper that the story builds around.

There’s a well-paced plot line, a pull towards different emotions, and some sparkling chemistry which all contribute to making this an entertaining read.”

Bruce, Goodreads Review

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Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

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